• Preaching God's Word

    Preaching God's Word

    For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword - Hebrews 4:12
  • Family Worship

    Family Worship

    We come together to worship God
  • Sunday School

    Sunday School

    We have a thriving Sunday School for children

Church Meetings

Sunday Meetings

10:00am  The Lord's Table (Holy Communion)

This meeting is for Christians who truly know the Lord and have been baptised. Meeting lasts 45 minutes approximately.

11:00am  Family Worship Service / Sunday School

This is a bilingual (English and Cantonese) service for the family. Older children join in with the adults in the first part of the service where there will be singing of hymns and choruses lasting about 25 minutes. Younger children have their own singing time. Thereafter children go out to their Sunday School classes while the remaining congregation stay for the sermon. There is also a Mums and Babies' Room for mothers and their babies. The whole service lasts one hour and 15 minutes approximately. The last Sunday Service of each month is a gospel meeting.

The Sunday School caters for children from the age of 4 up to year 11 at school. It starts off with a time of worship. The older children join in with the main family worship, whereas the younger ones have their own hymn sing time. After hymn singing, the children go to various classes suited to their age. Contents include Bible teaching, worksheet, craft for the young ones and discussion for the older children. Sunday School is aimed to finish at the same time as the service.

2:00pm Bible Study

There are two English groups and one Chinese group. Meeting lasts one hour.

Meetings During the Week

Monday ELK Fellowship 7:30pm 

Young adults fellowship meeting conducted in English. The venue can vary.

Tuesday 11:00am  Chinese Bible Study (Currently on Zoom)

This is a Bible study conducted in Cantonese only and catered for those who are able to come on a morning. Meeting is evangelical and expository in nature. It lasts approximately one hour.

Tuesday 8:15pm  Chinese Bible Study (Currently on Zoom)

This is a more in-depth Bible Study conducted in Cantonese only. Meeting lasts approximately one hour.

Thursday 8:15pm  Church Prayer Meeting (Currently on Zoom)

The Prayer Meeting lasts approximately one hour. After the initial sharing or prayer items, brothers and sisters are split into Chinese and English prayer groups. 

Monthly Challengers Meeting on 2nd Saturday 4pm

For secondary school students (11-18 years old). Conducted in English.